Shrapnel Lobotomy Demo

by Kaiten

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released September 5, 2013



all rights reserved


Kaiten Vancouver, British Columbia

Hardcore punk from Vancouver / Victoria BC Canada.

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Track Name: Side 1
1.Sent To Slaughter - North Korean refugees escape through China/The Chinese police have orders to deport them/When they return they will be slaughtered. 2. Capitalist System - There should be no limits to medical expenditures//c//No fucking capitalist system/We build bombs when people starve/Why must we suffer in order to survive? 3. Destroy the Debt - Your material addictions come from others misery, labor and resources are exploited from third world countries//c//destroy the dollar, destroy the debt/The war is over, they're forced to turn to major countries, forever in debt they must maintain productivity 4. Malignant Death - The food that you eat is fucking poison/Take your mutant burger and stick it up your ass//c// Malignant Death/I don't want to die from fucking cancer/G.M.O.s are legal only for corporate gain/Illness is in abundance and you ask why?/Watch what you consume or you will die.
Track Name: Side 2
5. Dismembered - The Cambodian country side, is littered with mines//c//Thousands of dismembered a nation's scarred/The lethal aftermath of a civil war/Children die at play, the ones who survive are amputated. All for tactical supremacy, stop the production of land mines now!/Thousands of dismembered and thousands more. 6. Modern Day Feudalism - Your earnings are spent on commodities and rent//c//Inflation,submission,modern day,feudalism/Taxed to death by the leaders of this land/Produce and waste, consumer slave, this is your fate, you'll never escape/Blue collar surfs, destined to serve. 7. Fuck the Economy - Filling their fucking pockets/At the expense of nature/It's good for the economy? Well who fucking cares when you're dying of the cancer caused by poison air. 8. War on Drugs - Victims of the war on drugs are put in private prisons, does the punishment fit the crime?//c//The war on drugs is total shit, it's just a con to fill their prisons/Funded by public taxes, morally justified through religion, you're considered a product/Infect the slums, pollute the projects, profile by race, disturb, rape x2/Condemn the sick,law is injustice, the war on drugs is a crime x2. Banzai - Korosu!/Banzai...Banzai....Banzai/????