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1. Safety in Numbers
2. Autonomy
3. Boycott
4. Bastard Christ


1. Safety in Numbers

Starved of nutrition
(and) Intellectual stimulation

Cookie cutter life, It's all a fucking lie.
Safety in numbers, I'd rather fucking die.

Socially Crippled
Manufactured society

Education, Not indoctrination.
Condition, and Manipulation.

2. Autonomy

I own my actions
I control my fate
I don't need authority
To demonstrate

no one controls myself but me.
freedom as a philosophy.

I have no god
Cause' I'm not a slave
I am not a patriot
I live off minimum wage

Make your own opinions
Choose for yourself
Don't be a pawn
To the persuit of wealth

3. Boycott

You claim that boycott
won't do any good
you don't believe in capitalism.

What harm could it do
what minor incovience
Don't support the bastards you hate,

I won't tell you what to eat
I won't tel you what to wear
Speak with your actions
Don't pretend you fucking care

You must realize
that in reality
You're part of the economy

Do your part
disrupt the system
Show those fucks that you're pissed.

No one is perfect
we're all to blame
but let's reduce the damage

It's up to us
to stop enslavement
of animals and man alike

4. Bastard Christ

No excuse to dictate laws.

Jesus was a bastard.
And so are you.

No excuse to dictate rights.

No excuse for fucking...stupidity.

Jesus was a bastard....and you're a fucking cunt.


from Savage Noise Split (w/ Radiation), released May 26, 2014



all rights reserved


Kaiten Vancouver, British Columbia

Hardcore punk from Vancouver / Victoria BC Canada.

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